Time Bandits

Somewhere deep in the Bermuda triangle lies the weeks in between collecting the van and this very second. We say it every single year and yet still it always seems to be a surprise, Christmas happened way to quick. So what news do we have about  our place?

We have been so eager to get started on our vintage caravan bar conversion that all the excitement of collecting out little caravan may have clouded our judgement in how quickly we could get things moving. We have spent a hell of a lot of time making lists, planning and even more time thinking about the project but very little time doing the physical work. It all counts and without the former the latter would be a logistical nightmare so it’s nothing to grumble about. Its delayed but finally work begins on our little dream.
The junk has been emptied and the insides stripped to show a lovely looking fresh canvas. I love this part already, to others it may not look like much but to me it’s a blank canvas which means something wonderful. It signifies a new beginning a change and the first step on the road to somewhere dreamy. It means it’s really our’s to do with as we please and to make it exactly what we want, and what we want is a Vintage Caravan Bar!!

Vintage Sparrow silver plated bottle opener gifted to us for the bar
Its early days but already I can’t believe the response we have had. Who knew the world was full of so many kind people. From the customers in the pub bringing us their vintage bottle openers to the sales assistants in our local caravan supplier warehouse taking the time to make us a list of contacts. All strangers and all wonderful. Without each of them we wouldn’t enjoy the project half as much and wouldn’t have the passion we do.

Don’t get me wrong we have worked flat-out but much of what we have done doesn’t exist in the physical form and can’t be shown off with beautiful and engaging picture’s, there goes my social media content! I wish we had more to show for the time that’s passed since our first Tweet but the truth is we don’t but what it has given us is plenty to talk about and plenty of lessons learnt…