Preparation Days – Social Media

Well its been a busy old time at our bar HQ. Who would have thought we would have so much to do and would learn so much along the way. Our caravan bar project has already been far more interesting than we could have imagined.

A caravan bar project stretches muscles…

…you didn’t know you had! From social media networking to removing concrete boulders it’s all been happening and I can’t sleep because of the excitement.
Before now I had considered myself pretty hot at the social media networking thing, I have set up many Facebook pages over the years selling a range of products and promoting various businesses, in this time I have learnt a good few tricks along the way. I’ve used Twitter and Instagram for personal use and I am pretty down with the kids when it comes to #hashtags but wow have I had my eyes opened to the possibilities and power of social media.

Twitter is AMAZING the wide variety of people, businesses and bloggers you can connect with in an instant is out of this world. I’ve found caravan bar project articles and advice from outlets I had never heard of. Discovered up and coming companies that I would never have found. Seen the most beautiful places, learnt of new cocktails, developments in the world of sustainable living and technology that would just not have been on my radar. I have actually read articles from start to finish written by a whole range of people from professionals to stay at home dads. If you are not yet a Twitter user you need to start now!. I’ve always been a Facebook lover but WOWZER I am a Tweeter for sure.

Instagram. I have had the least experience with Instagram. I didn’t understand how people could connect over photos alone. Proof that I am stupid. After all a picture tells a thousand words. We gravitate to things that look nice, that are eye-catching and our responses to pictures and photos are often emotional and far more real than any words can describe. They invoke our imagination and captivate our minds.
I had over complicated what it was about and assumed it was more difficult than it was. It’s all in the #hashtags. It’s the hashtag that connects you with millions of people around the world who share the same interests (or Hashtag). It’s probably the easiest platform to grow your business on.

Facebook has ironically become my kryptonite. I was most confident with this, but it’s slowly become the most complicated labor intensive task of all. I am still a massive fan but its been hard work these last few days. I am still learning how to connect with those who might be interested in our story and our business, I have relied heavily on friends and family to promote our caravan bar project pages and its name. They do and I love them for it but Facebook is a different species to Twitter and Instagram. It is what it says on the tin, a ‘social network’. Those who use it are largely interested in talking to friends, buying items on selling pages, keeping an eye on local events and a few who are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. It’s brilliant for this, and it has vast power but its a power I am finding hard to tap into. The likes are slow and the engagement low. I have read all sorts about how to grow your business on Facebook from attaching Ebooks to your page to pop up boxes neither of which I can work out how to do!
I do think that our footprint here will grow once we have more to show of our project, but I am keen and inpatient, I want results and i am getting them elsewhere so its frustrating. Practice will make perfect and I will get it I am sure but for now Twitter and Instagram are my friends and Facebook is like the popular kid at school that you love to hate!

I have spent so much time on the laptop this last week I am pretty sure I have square eyes and have damaged the muscles in my typing hand, I have slept less hours than ever and that is saying something when you are the proud owner of an energetic almost 2 year old who still has not slept through the night! By day we are the Land Lord and Lady of a pub and by night caravan bar project managers, social networkers, builders, MI analysts and researchers. We love it, it can not happen quick enough for us.

I thought it would be interesting and it is. I love it when I am right, so I am going to sit here in my pyjamas and celebrate with a cheeky festive tipple!