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Masterclass from Monica Davis

Monica`s master classes are always bright and interesting with a step-by-step explanation of haircut or hair styling, full of creativity and professionalism, with elements of the show and individual presentation of the information.   Master classes and seminars on hairstyling from Monica Davis are designed for masters of different qualification levels, both for students and experienced stylists. This allows choosing the right program for everyone who wants to attend Monica`s master class. Time and structure of the master class can vary depending on your wishes.  

Master-class "Secrets of Colourists"

It is well-known, that colouring is one of the most important topics in the daily work of a hairdresser-stylist. Coloring, toning, highlighting are an average set of services.   “We often have to redo someone else's failed work or radically change color - says Monica, - Many masters are low qualified and do not know how to work with hair that has been dyed at home. And in most cases, hairdressers masterfully do not have enough knowledge to cope with complex non-standard situations.”   “On my master class "the secrets of coloring" I will give a unique information, the accumulated knowledge from my practise experience. In the framework of this master class, I will show Balayage coloring technique, as well as disassemble coloring on non-standard source color. I'll tell you about the background of clarification and its neutralization. I will try to answer all your questions in the process of work and carry out the favorite styling of my clients.”   “It is easy to color natural hair, but the true hairstylist have to learn how to deal with complex initial variants when others can not help. It can be reached only by experience, years of training and many years of practice. I will share knowledge without bias and far-fetched secrets.”   Also, Monica Davis presents a completely new program and a training masterclass for 2018 - a collection of hairstyles and evening hairstyles, which included unusual but vital techniques of evening hairstyles, applicable in the salon business, as well as very dense and textured haircuts with bright accents in coloring, emphasizing individuality:  
  • non-standard and bold ideas for evening hairstyles;
  • graphics and dense haircuts;
  • an individual approach to coloring to a haircut;
  • review on the most popular regular and cordless straighteners
  • work with rollers on long hair;
  • creative ideas for the embodiment of the wishes of the client and the master;
  • fast hairstyles.
  Contact us to get more information and apply for a masterclass   +1 (495) 212-12-97